Tap Tap Ants


Kill all the ants before they eat your food


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Tap Tap Ants is a small game for iPhone and iPod Touch, in which we have to kill all the ants we can in less than one minute.

The mechanics are very simple. Right in front of our food (which may be a cake, pizza or tarte) we have a gray area in which we can kill the ants. Although we are able to see the ants at the end of the screen, we cannot crush them until they are passing through the gray area.

For every ant we kill we receive a score, which is then compared with the rest of the worldwide score and informs us of how well we have played. It is a simple game without any pretensions.

The greatest downside of Tap Tap Ants, besides being too short, is that it features very annoying advertising, which if accidentally clicked on while we play, will ask us if we want to the visit the App Store. This gives the ants the opportunity to mess up our game.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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